Why should I do this: Hair lifting

Why should I do this: Hair lifting

When every day we use styling varnishes, it is very bad for hair.In addition, due to stress and negative environmental factors, strands lose their natural shine. You ask how to return an attractive look with a curl?

Shiman Fashion will tell you what kind of lifting procedure with creatine keeps dry and brittle hair and how long the lifting effect will last and how to care for your hair after the procedure.

When is the procedure needed? Lifting

The procedure itself, which includes creatine, helps the hair to get rid of several shortcomings at the same time, such as loss, breakage and dryness.

Lifting can be unsuccessful due to weak strands due to lack of vitamins or staining in aggressive colors.

The ability to fully moisturize, lifting hair helps you to strengthen the structure of curls, and also eliminates brittleness.Creatine promotes hair growth and stimulates the natural process of hair growth.

If you have dyed your hair, try a lifting procedure. It will also help you. If you use stylers?

How is the procedure?

Strengthening of hair occurs through lifting in several stages using the procedure of fixation and cleansing.

At the very beginning, the scalp and hair are cleaned with a special peeling, which opens the hair scales after they are filled with creatine, and fixes this process with a fixative. Hair becomes smooth and docile.

After that, a device is taken that helps in using by all means, with the only difference that it does not heat up. The device with the help of two plates produces ultrasound and ultraviolet. After that, creatine penetrates deep into the hair structure, fills the damaged areas and removes split ends. As a result, you get strong and shiny strands thanks to the lifting procedure.

Disadvantages of keratin lifting.

The disadvantages of this procedure include the following: intolerance of the means used, which include harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, which leads to loss of hair volume and a very slight effect. If you are sick or pregnant, then you should consult a specialist before the procedure.

Hair care after the procedure.

If you want a long effect after lifting, you need to properly care for curls? Remember that you do not need to wash your hair for three days and expose the curls to heat.

You do not need to wash your hair often, otherwise the useful substances that you received are quickly washed out.

You should always use professional products that contain keratin; the effect will remain up to 2 times longer.