What you need to know when hair care! 2019

What you need to know when hair care! 2019

Today we will talk about why wet hair cannot be dried, how it is damaged by hair styling products and why the conditioner should be ignored.


Damage to hair styling


We all want our hair to always look and be well-groomed. And at least someone will think about how hairspray and hair styling products harm our hair. Some even use these products every day. If you are going to grow hair, you need to forget and refrain from these hair styling products.


All hair styling products contain ingredients such as alcohol, freon, phthalates, diethylene glycol and other harmful substances. After these components, the hair begins to break. And plus to this, the hair splits and there is a feeling of tightness.


Wrong temperature of hair dryer

Probably each of us uses a hair dryer every day. Know that there is nothing terrible if you choose the right temperature of the hair dryer so that it does not damage the life of our hair. The most important thing is to maintain the temperature of the hair dryer. Dry hair is brittle only in cold air, dyed and dim (should not burn!).


Heat protection is always important before hair styling, even if the hair dryer operates at minimum temperature. Do not select products containing an oil base. The oil base stays warm after you have finished drying your hair ... Destroying them.


This is very important if you apply mousse while styling your hair, therefore apply it only to the ends of the hair.


Mineral oil in the composition

If you like to apply oil on the ends of your hair, choose only oil containing mineral oil. This is one of the best ways to avoid brittle hair.


Sea buckthorn is good for color retention; I recommend jojoba oil for bleached hair.


Masks and conditioners harm our hair

My advice to you: if you do not want to lighten your hair, you need to get rid of all sorts of masks and conditioners. Do not believe that the balm weights the hair. All balsams and shampoos cleanse hair very well.


Balsams do not need to be applied to the scalp. Apply only on hair length. If you apply to the scalp, it can cause seborrhea.


Shampoos for hair cleansing

Shampoos should be selected depending on the type of scalp. The shampoo function cleanses the hair and scalp. They do not affect the growth or rebirth of your hair. If someone tells you that after shampooing your hair will become stronger, you should know that this is just a marketing ploy. For hair growth you need to buy serum for hair growth.


Keep your hair is our beauty!