The whole truth about plasma lifting.

The whole truth about plasma lifting.

A plastic surgeon will dispel the myths of this procedure.

It is known that plasma lifting is a young method in cosmetology, in fact it is a type of mesotherapy.

This method differs in that instead of microelements and amino-acid preparations, the patient's blood is used, or rather, plasma.

At the moment, we know that the plasma lifting technique has experienced many ups and downs, but it has already managed to take one of the worthy places among other cosmetic procedures.

At the very beginning of the procedure was considered one of the most expensive ways to help fight wrinkles and solve any age problems. Even pronounced gravitational ptosis. The results of this procedure are equivalent to a facelift. This justified its cost compared to other procedures. Also attracted by the fact that the method was not allergic reactions due to the use of its own plasma

In fact, after one application, many people became disillusioned because they did not get the desired effect of a facelift. There were times when people blamed doctors who suggested a plasma lifting procedure and considered them charlatans

But now we see how time has put everything in its place. The procedure became cheaper, and doctors warned patients what they would receive, what changes, thus, became a popular procedure and occupied their niche in cosmetology. Today, they even successfully apply this technique in gynecology and burn treatment.


So what is a plasma lifting?

At school we were taught that platelets are necessary for healing wounds. They hyper actively come to an injury and form a clot, and then close the vessel. Thus, platelets prevent bleeding. also plasma that is rich in platelets, has a huge number of immune organs, their task is to prevent wound infection

Use in cosmetology practice.

Studies have proven that it helps to reduce pigmentation and acne, and also helps to improve skin quality. This is a face lift, because lifting the plasma produces collagen and elastin. But the effect itself is insignificant.

When, in the form of a microinjection, we launch plasma, we kind of deceive the body. Platelets begin to work, thereby stimulating the reproduction of young cells and the consequences that we get for renewed skin. They also help to cope with problems such as acne rosacea and pigmentation.

Plasma Lifting Cons

Cons I do not see here problems in marketing moves, they just do not show excessive expectations of patients.

But he copes well with taking care of our skin. I even called this procedure plasma therapy.