Technology for tattoo eyebrows! 2019

Technology for tattoo eyebrows! 2019

Eyebrow tattoo mega popular theme of beauty knows this and discusses each of us. So, let's tell a couple of eyebrow tattoo techniques.



Popular types of eyebrow tattoo


The most popular type of tattoo at the moment is a natural eyebrow tattoo. The technique of applying natural eyebrow tattoos is done in such a way that it looks like you are putting a pencil on your eyebrows with a pencil.


About the specialist in permanent makeup and eyebrow tattoo you should know that he should have a very good taste and, at least, an art education, but, of course, a good qualification.


Eyebrow tattoo yourself can not be corrected


Everyone knows how hard it is when you want to lighten your brows, how long it takes. Now consider whether you notice or see that after you have made a tattoo, that your eyebrows are asymmetrical or have a wrong bend, you cannot easily go to the salon to fix your eyebrows and put another pigment under your skin.


Laser eyebrow removal


The most sensitive skin is the skin of our face. And now think that even on the body, when the master enters or removes the tattoo, traces remain. Thus, the very use of your eyebrows with a tattoo, unfortunately, is only removed with the help of a laser, it harms the skin, and you may have spots after the laser. It is you who weigh the pros and cons very well before you decide to create one tattoo or not.

In my opinion, we are all beautiful by nature.


Plus 10 years

But no matter how silly it sounds, any tattoo will add to you a few more years. If you do not believe that you can go to any beauty salon, they will all tell you that this cannot be fixed. The tone of the face does not help you get rid of how you will look older than your age.


No 100 percent result.


Yes, you did not expect, so forget about the 100% result of this, you will not have expectations, and the reality of applying your eyebrows is incompatible words. If you are told in the salon that we do not even notice that you have tattooed eyebrows, then run away from it. Many techniques are now used, but they all create pigment, which means that it will be under the skin, and it will always be seen that these are not natural eyebrows, this is reality and still depends mainly on the master and on which device he uses. will cause. Of course, and what is his qualification.