Proper selection of clothes. 2019

Proper selection of clothes. 2019

Every girl is already familiar with the pains during shopping. Stylists of our site will tell you what to take with you to the fitting shop.

And how often we see the perfect dress that sits on a mannequin. And we get upset when we try on the same dress. What we saw on the mannequin

We will open for you a little secret that will tell you what you can take with you to the fitting room.

Pencil skirt

It's just perfect itself. The most important thing is to choose the length just below the knee to emphasize the most beautiful part of the leg. The skirt should be made of thick fabric. Thin fabric will look like the opposite effect, opening up all your folds.

You still do not understand. But this is the biggest plus, remember those times when the pencil skirt was only an office option, but times have changed, now you can wear even with sneakers, so go to meet with friends in a cafe. Now there are various prints and patterns.

Our advice is to never wear such a skirt with sports t-shirts. It goes well with voluminous shirts or thin knitted sweaters. It all depends on the season.

The dress

One more thing you need to take with you to the fitting room is a dress to choose from. You need to focus on the density of the fabric, as well as on the color of the fabric and how it will fit your body shape.

If nature has rewarded you with voluminous shapes, you need to look for more free options, also without bright prints look at such a dress with dark inserts on the sides, they visually stretch you.

Short top

In no case do not think that now we are talking about such a short top that does not hide our body. He has long gone out of fashion, even if you look like a model. The top should emphasize the waist. But the main thing is not to look vulgar. It goes well with jeans and trousers.

Leather jacket

We are now talking about a leather jacket, with a side zipper on the right or left, a regular jacket will forgive your image. It is almost completely combined with what you wear, which makes it universal.

On the street, more girls who are in a hurry after working in white shirts and black leather jackets, you agree that it looks just cosmic.

White shirt

I have never met a girl who said that white shirts are not suitable for her, there are women who do not know how to choose a style ..

In addition, you can combine a white shirt with colored pants, but so that they are of classic cut, as well as jeans. Don't forget, if you have a formal event, your shirt should be long sleeved.