Permanent eyebrow makeup:All this long wanted to know.

Permanent eyebrow makeup:All this long wanted to know.

Permanent eyebrow makeup:All this long wanted to know.

What is the difference between permanent makeup and tattoo and eyebrow microblading? How to understand the technique of the permanent? And how painful is this procedure?

Who needs permanent eyebrow makeup.

Often those with bright and rare eyebrows, turn to the experts. The fact is that they are very worried about blond hair, which is almost invisible. Coloring gives a temporary effect. At the same time, the permanent lasts six months, if properly care for it and the rehabilitation period. It is natural that the least permanent will remain on the eyebrows. Usually this area is most vulnerable to sunlight- the paint does not last long.

It is necessary to take into account the quality of materials, as a rule, high in salons. And permanent makeup lasts a long time.

What is the difference between permanent makeup and microblading?

Despite the fact that the sources can find information about the differences in permanent makeup and makeup, in fact it is the same procedure that is served in beauty salons "under a different sauce". In all cases, they clog the pigment under the skin. But the biotatuage procedure, which is very different from permanent staining, is done with henna.

Microblading is harder. The fact is that micro incisions are made with a scalpel, and then they are clogged with pigment, and only after that the skin heals. Many people began to refuse this microblading service because there is a risk of color fading. Many people show on the Internet the result immediately after the procedure, but no one puts what will happen next.

Healing after permanent eyebrow makeup.

Experts say that in the manufacture of eyebrows needles touch the upper layer of the dermis, but do not touch the capillaries. At the beginning of the procedure itself, a liquid resembling water with a yellowish tint is called lymph. It takes some time when it is mixed with pigment to dry.

On the area on which the pigment was applied, wipe chloreksiderm and rinse to avoid formation of a crust. You do not need to soak them for a while.

For 2 weeks you will need to get rid of fitness loads and tanning beds.

How painful is this procedure?

There are several factors for this answer. One of the main factors is the pain threshold. This implies a minimal level of irritation when a person feels pain. In fact, this is all individually. if you have a minimum threshold, then you will feel pain

Do not forget that when applying the pigment under the skin there is an intervention in the dermis. You can compare it to tingling. There is no strong discomfort. The eyebrow area is the most painless.

If you are very afraid, you can use anesthesia. Usually the master applies anesthetic gel. If you are very sensitive to pain, you can take some painkillers.

What technique to choose for permanent eyebrow makeup

There are varieties such as pinpoint velvet and nanotechnology. This all refers to shading shadows. This is the most popular permanent makeup technique. There are also powdery eyebrows. In fact, this is the most natural procedure, even with time the pigment remains zero. Does the effect remain the same as if you put a pencil or a shadow. The same technique achieves naturalness and gives the eyebrows pomp. Do not forget about the classic application of feathering, which takes only 40 minutes - this is a much more complicated technique of applying each hair. And it is this technique that provides the absolute naturalness of your eyebrows.