Hows to lose weight fast? 2019

Hows to lose weight fast? 2019

Hello, dear readers, today we will talk about how to lose weight quickly. Diet for weight loss?


How to lose weight fast!


Today I will tell you about a diet called "Four days of unloading." This diet strictly includes only 4 product names and 4 drinks.


The best thing about this diet is that you can eat and drink these foods without restriction. As we all know for a long time and other restrictions, such as cooking and eating without salt. Yes, I know that such a strict diet is not tasty without salt, sugar, and at first you will find it very strange and stupid, but you know that literally it will take 2 days, and your body will feel very good. The diet lasts only 4 days, I do not recommend it 2 times a month longer, because your body does not survive more than 2 times a month.


First day: boiled rice, fresh apple juice.

Second day: boiled chicken fillet, apple juice and green tea.

The third day: low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt.

Fourth day: any kind of low-fat milk cheese, green tea.


After that, wonder how your figure and body will catch up, and you will feel light and good!


Lose weight plan


We all know that nowadays, when fatty foods prevail, and fast food is very difficult to make a meal plan, but now we will try to tell you how to lose weight with proper nutrition, so that it is tasty and does not harm your health.


You can lose weight with proper nutrition, the main thing - to reduce the number of calories consumed during the day. But compliance with these standards depends mainly on your weight, gender and activity. And only after that, when you started to measure and weigh yourself, what kind of food plan or weight gain do you need to follow.


If you adhere to proper nutrition and calories, which we wrote about above, it will help you lose 5-6 kg per month. Once again I say that the key to a beautiful and toned body is a weight loss plan, a diet plan and a reduction in calories.


Research has long proven that when junk food attracts you, it does not always mean the absence of trace elements contained in these dishes. For example, when you are attracted to harmful drinks, such as carbonated water, this means that you do not have enough calcium and that this does not negate carbonated water in favor of dairy products.



Lose weight plan:


  1. It is necessary to exclude all products that are not cooked at home and in which there is a very large ratio of fats, carbohydrates, and sugar. Like fast food, cola carbonated drinks. Do not eat with the addition of glutamate, sugar substitutes or its abundance.
  2. Exclude salt from the diet
  3. The first thing to do after you wake up is to drink 200-300 ml of warm water.
  4. Your food should be cooked only boiled, other options. That is, to exclude only fried meat for a couple, or simply cook and cook.
  5. More than half of your diet should consist of fresh fruit.
  6. Your diet should also be pasta from cereals or pasta of the highest grade, honey and berries, preferably in the morning, especially since they are a source of fast carbohydrates.
  7. Proteins should be calculated on the weight of your body 1 gram of protein per 1 kg of your body
  8. Everyone knows that you need at least to drink 3 liters of water and before you eat a glass of warm water.
  9. Carbohydrate diet should be applied in the morning. Protein diet in the afternoon.
  1. It is recommended to use only polyunsaturated fats: olive, linseed oil, fish (salmon, trout), seeds, nuts, avocados, etc. D. The total amount is 1/5 of the daily diet;

I think it was useful for you to read our advice and then learn how to eat right, and thank you for reading our article.