How to make a perfect manicure at home?

How to make a perfect manicure at home?

A manicure expert told and explained that Home Manicure. This is also a practical case from the salon. She also told how to prepare a cuticle if there is no water at hand.

Do step by step manicure, without missing important steps.

My opinion is that Home Manicure looks no worse than from the salon. Well, of course you see the difference. It depends on how much experience you have. Everything comes with time. Manicure masters manage to do three customers a day, so it turns out faster and better.

At home, you cannot skip important steps to shape your nails. Move the cuticle to remove the pterygium and cuticle. It is advisable to handle the cuticle once in 3 weeks. Of course, it also depends on how fast it grows.

Nail care every day.

It is advisable to apply oil to the area of the cuticle every day. It softens the skin, and the skin of nails looks well-groomed, plus it becomes elastic.

I guess in the future it will protect you from the burrs if they are.Especially important during the day to smear hands with cream, especially in winter. It is recommended to arrange a spa skin treatment once a week. Wash your hands with mild soap. Apply a nourishing mask. You can use a nourishing cream.

Carefully working with the cuticle.

Now there are remuvers that are perfectly used without water.

They soften the cuticle well.

If there is no remuver, then of course we use water. Pour warm water into the bath, not hot water, add flavoring or bath salt. Keep your hands in the water to soak up the cuticle, you will immediately notice it and carefully it needs to be processed.