How to lose weight in 7 days. 2019

How to lose weight in 7 days. 2019

Let's talk to you today about how you can safely and correctly go on a diet that will help us lose weight in 7 days.


When you decide to lose weight, you definitely need to stick to the scheme, now we will talk with you about this scheme.


Only the main thing do not forget that you must adhere to this scheme, which we now talk about ..


1 In the morning, the first breakfast you'll eat will be porridge on almond milk with berries.


2 For lunch, preferably porridge with vegetables. But if you are a meat lover, you can give meat with porridge ..


3 And for dinner, fish or meat


Snack during the day between meals, preferably with vegetables.


5 At night, so that the stomach does not remain empty, you need to drink a glass of kefir ..


So these were all flowers. If after 7 days you need to fly to the sea, put on a swimsuit and show your surroundings. What is your good figure, then we'll talk about an effective vegetarian diet ..



Delicious fruit 1 day.



The most important thing is to eat only fruit for the whole day. As we all know, there are fruits that do not allow us to quickly lose weight, in which the concentration of glucose is very high, such as grapes, bananas, mangoes.


And now the main thing. Make sure that your diet contains a lot of oranges and apples, pomegranates and kiwi, these fruits will help you lose weight quickly, they are full of vitamins and antioxidants ..


Vegetable day we have 2 ..


The second day of our morning in the morning begins with boiled potatoes the main thing without salt and oil.

Then your body gets a lot of carbohydrate energy, which will help us lose weight during the day.


Fruits and vegetables

As I said above, you can eat any vegetables and fruits, except potatoes, salt, banana and grape oil.

Any other fruits on the third day of our diet can be chosen at your discretion and at will and according to taste. The main thing is that it is useful even without glucose and sugar and salt.


Banana day.


Bananas are considered high-calorie, but they are also a source of potassium and sodium for your body, exactly what suits us in our diet, so what is allowed to eat bananas throughout the day, do not forget that they need to eat no later than 18: 00


Also on this day, the most important thing is to drink 4 cups of milk. It is very important that during these seven days you do not spoil your health and do not harm your body.



Cottage cheese and vegetables


On this day we eat cabbage, cottage cheese and other vegetables. But the most important thing is not to eat tomatoes fresh ..

But if you are a tomato lover. Therefore, I recommend that you make a delicious tomato soup ..


Rice and vegetables


Here we have reached our last day of the diet, but this last day is the most important.

We will eat fruit juice and a cup of rice with you. By the way, you can add to this baked vegetables without oil, and most importantly, do not forget to drink 2 liters of water every day.


I do not recommend this diet for people with stomach ailments, because during this week, as in all other diets, it is important to play sports, go to saunas and massage


Be careful, when you decide to lose weight quickly, it can harm your health.


Thanks for reading our article. I think our 7-day diet will help you. We would be very grateful. If you share this article in social networks, thanks again.