Lately fashion has become more than just a colourful article in some famous magazine. Now with the help of Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and other great social media resources one can get inspired by millions of people and do not be afraid to look weird.

The absolute trend of 2019 is to follow no trends! That basically means, to take concepts you like and to combine them in your own unique way. Here we will share some crazy fashion ideas, which will definitely get your juices flowing.

Use Bright Colours


Bright yellow, ultra violet, or electric ultramarine: this year offers a wide scale for experiments! Having started some seasons ago with Dolce Gabbana and Gucci striking fashion week shows, the trend of bright colours now is spreading among regular customers.

So find your favourite orange Benetton t-shirt and fluorescent turquoise Zara leggings - let it rock, baby!

Create Unusual Combinations

Bike shorts with blazers, cowboy boots with ballerina skirt - there is no limit to your imagination! Get inspired just looking some lates fashion week shows, creating your own look!

Another great idea is to combine unexpected colours, like lavender pastel tones with lemon yellow or neon blue! Depending on the reason of your outlook, you can express really brilliant combination by simply putting them together. And remember - the more weird it actually looks, the better it is!

Find Inspiration

While for some people it is not that big deal, it might be a real problem for others. So here we go with some cool inspiration ideas:

  • Visit museums and exhibitions
  • Go travelling
  • Visit old friends
  • Meet up via Couch Serfing
  • Go to music concert

Doesn’t seem to be that difficult, right? So go into it!

Personalise Outlook

Be sure to create the look which is marked by some your personal features, like putting old family brooch or wearing pink sun glasses. Choose personal trend, which you would like to express.

Your style is totally your way of self identification, so be ready to feel yourself free in all you do! Whether it is pink hair or bright red lipstick!

Share Fashion Ideas

Sharing with others means making your ideas available to everyone, in each part of the world! It is very important to be open to everyone, gaining your audience. Thanks to modern science, we have unlimited access to all kind of cool application which one can use to express creativity and inspiration. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • All types of podcast streaming services
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

These are the most popular, where as one can choose the best options according to your country.

That’s it! Have you found the ideas to use for your next look? We are pretty sure you have! Remember, the inspiration is everything, the more you are feeling free to express your self, the greater ideas are coming to your mind! Dum spiro creo!