How to build hair with thick and long 5 tips from professionals

How to build hair with thick and long 5 tips from professionals

Today we will tell you how to grow thick and long hair. Every girl dreams of healthy and long hair, but sometimes she lacks patience.

The result will be only when you realize that without proper care and special procedures you will achieve the desired success.

Proper nutrition - a pledge of beauty.

It is not a secret for anyone that a healthy diet is a guarantee of good health of a beautiful appearance and, of course, the secret of voluminous beautiful thick hair.I recommend to get rid of some dubious express diets for weight loss. They very often deprive our bodies of products that help with useful substances.

You need to add to the diet such good fats as Omega-3 and Omega-6, they are extremely necessary at the time when you want to grow long and thick hair. Eat sea fish in it only Omega 3 and 6. In addition, the fat that you eat melts, which makes your hair stronger.

Trim the ends

You ask how to grow long hair if you need to cut it? I will answer you do not need to hurry; you need to trim the ends every few months. The specialist already removes only those damaged hair, that is, a couple of centimeters. So you just freshen up your hairstyle.

If you remove a couple of centimeters, then your roots will not produce beneficial substances for their recovery, so hair growth accelerates. If you see that your tips are dry and damaged, you should stop using the hairdryer. You should also not abuse varnishes and styler. Better wear nutritious masks on the strands.


You have thick, straight hair, and after washing your hair you should comb the strands very carefully. Never need to comb wet hair when it becomes wet, very brittle, quickly break and stretch, it is better to wait until it dries naturally.

The structure of the hair is not the same, sometimes not combed strands look not the most stylish hairstyle. In this case, you will help comb with widely spaced teeth. Curls need to comb, starting from the tips, and divide the hair into a parting.

Light hairstyles

When you collect curls in the tail, you will look stylish, but tightly tightened strands very badly affect how nutrients get to the hair roots, which negatively affects their growth.

For those who are accustomed to daily clean hair, the advice is only to give preference to soft elastic bands.

Wash my hair

I think everyone knows that you need to wash your hair with warm water or just boil or filter.It happens that the water is very hard. In such cases, do not forget to apply conditioner, it helps to make hair softer and eliminates dehydration.