Face & Body Skin Care Routine: Make Your Skin Happy Everyday

Face & Body Skin Care Routine: Make Your Skin Happy Everyday

Healthy looking, smooth skin is a dream of any person! But… What are you ready to contribute for it? Give up eating sweeties before sleep, drinking Pepsi, or even end up with McDonalds and French fries? Uff, that’s harsh! We are not speaking about turning into super healthy person, but to have ideal skin, one need to work really hard. Check out useful TIPS, which will turn your skin into pure perfection!

Tip 1: Follow daily skin routine

One of the key factors for your way to perfect skin is taking precise care of it. The everyday routine helps to keep the skin fresh at any age! It is important to find the beauty products, which will be ideal for you.

1) Cleansing. Try avoiding washing your face with simple cold water, as it has heavy ingredients, which can easily damage soft skin. Mild cleansing milk or foam are ideal solutions!

2) Hydrating. In terms of our crazy life, skin usually gets dry and it is important to keep it moisturized enough. You can use moisturizers to keep PH level up!

3) Refreshing. Give time for your skin to get detoxicated at least every evening and 5-6 days in a month. Let your skin be without any make up. Use some organic masks, which will make skin shiny!

Tip 2: Try to eat organic food

Building up your food ration is as important, as following right skin-care routine. Check out our fast YES and No!

Say YES to:

  • fresh vegetables and fruits
  • organic smoothies
  • nuts
  • fish
  • eggs

Say No to:

  • fast food
  • sugary drinks
  • white bread
  • candy bars
  • ice cream

And now answer sincerely: how much are you following this healthy list? Work on your food rations and you will see how your body will significantly change!

Tip 3: Do some sports


That’s obvious, but many people are still ignoring this fact. Doing sport will literally prolong your life! Choose any sport you like:

  • jogging
  • bicycling
  • going to gym
  • visiting some dance class

The options are NUMEROUS! You can even just walk more everyday making 10 000 steps (use some application like Pacer). Believe me, in a week you will lose around 3 kg of such 1-hour promenade! Sport is a cool thing, just make it a regular habit!

Tip 4: Use Sun Protective Creams

Skin is very sensitive to UV rays, so pick up the right cream for yourself. As face is more sensitive, it is recommended to use SPF of at least 20. The daily use of sun protective creams helps to avoid wrinkles as well as other skin age changes. Some creams already have SPF protection, so better use them in your every day life.

Tip 5: Sleep Enough Time

Here we go – whatever you might do, but if you don’t have enough sleep, all your actions will be useless! Remember about it when making a strict sleeping regime. The more your body relaxes, the healthier you are!

That’s it for the fast TIPs. It is rather easy to memorize, isn’t it? So keep it up and make your skin perfect! Stay tuned, we have lot’s of cool experience to share!