Celine Dion sang the song “Baby Shark” and created a price for “Titanic” in the same karaoke “Carpool Karaoke”.

Celine Dion sang the song “Baby Shark” and created a price for “Titanic” in the same karaoke “Carpool Karaoke”.

Celine Dion entered the big car of James Corden and sang her most popular tunes there, riding around the city.


Corden went to Las Vegas earlier this week to make a film about the late show, and it was then that a Canadian singer came to him, and she was glad that they had participated in this series.

“My weekend once a year and you hit that day - the first words that Dion said.

Before that, as it turned out, Dion heard the notorious melody and a beat also entered the chest.

Even when Dion was forced to give his beloved pair of heels from the largest collection, Corden made her sing the most famous song “My Heart Will Go On” from the movie “Titanic”.

Starting to buzz in the car, Corden turned off the music and said that if they sing a duet, he wants it to sound more epic, and Dion has an idea.

Another plan: Dion and Corden, who rest near the lake where the Titanic swims.

They expressed your soul to the entertainment of tourists. This performance took place during the famous dancing fountains of the hotel.

Tourists who watched Lake Bellagio shouted loudly when, like in the movie “Titanic,” Dion passionately threw a necklace called “The heart of the ocean” into the water.

With the advent of this series, Dion "Carpool Karaoke" is considered the most spectacular in the history of the series.

Nancy O'Dell of ET, talking to Dion in April, told her that she needed to recreate the scene from Titanic, which Corden had published on her Instagram.

“In fact, this is crazy, but sometimes it becomes fun to do such things. This kind of business can cause tremendous stress, ”Dion said, and then just started praising“ he’s so cute, he’s one of the best. ”

After that the cordon also began to do. This segment said I liked it, and I was pleased with it a couple of minutes that I was in orbit. I will never forget.