Beyoncé Announced New Album And Video On Netflix: Check Out Hottest News!

Beyoncé Announced New Album And Video On Netflix: Check Out Hottest News!

Now it is finally absolutely official! Homecoming is here! On every single streaming platform!

Making fans going crazy from happiness, the great singer has officially announced her new music album Homecoming: The Live Album together with launching Netflix documentary movie having the same title. She promised that the release would be in a VERY unusual way. What else could be better? Let’s check out the latest news!

Beyoncé Knows How To Stop The World!

Being spontaneous seems to be new Beyoncé trend: last summer she presented Everything Is Love with Jay Z, and now she made a double release. Both the movie and the album are showing her show at Coachella in 2018, which was dedicated to black power and liberation movement.

Beychella: Coachella Black Power

Coachella 2018 was uncover by Beyoncé, who turned to be first black woman to be headlining the festival! Her performance took place over two weeks – all these great moments are captured in her new masterpieces, including performances with Destiny’s Child, Jay Z, and J Balvin.

Homecoming: What Is It About?

The new album is very deep, it is connected with the movie, which shows the intimate moments, which Beyoncé wanted to show to public. In fact, music album is an accompaniment to a concert video. Here we can see how rhythm goes together with play of tune. Being a stunning singer, she shows great thrilling sound and a wide range of life emotions.

The albums, both music and video, turn to combine past and future, revealing singer’s inner world, attitude to people who supported her, and much more. This release will be probably called the strongest singer has ever made.

By the way, the film was totally written, directed, and produced by diva.

Some Homecoming Facts

Here are some details regarding new albums.

  • 40 new tracks
  • 2 brand new songs
  • Music album lasts 1 hour 49 minutes
  • Film lasts 150 minutes

Be ready to find iconic Drunk In Love and Crazy In Love. The album is closed by a 1981 cover song Before I Let Go (Maze).

Homecoming: Make Your Own Impression

Official singer’s platform already gives us opportunity to watch the film, listen to the album, and even shop the collection! HERE you can listen to whole album right away! Check it and feel the ultimate power of Beyoncé!