8 nail tips! 2019 (TOP)

8 nail tips! 2019 (TOP)

Have you ever thought about what vitamins strengthen your nails? What procedures do nails need to make them stronger?

Today we will tell you 8 tips from professionals on how to strengthen your nails.


Tip to restore the nails. IBX system

The IBX system is a procedure for restoring and strengthening damaged nails. The components that are used in the salons by masters strengthen the nail plate and restore the structure of the nails. The IBX system will help you get healthy nails, you will have strong nails, and they will grow faster!

The IBX system, according to experts, consists of 2 serums (IBX and IBX Repair). Contains avocado oil and jojoba. The combination of these ingredients helps the nails to grow stronger and grow faster.

The IBX system is also suitable for men because nails look natural after application. Nails do not shine, they look completely natural. The IBX system has one more plus: there is no need to remove the coating that you have, it is combined with any coating.


Masura cleans nails.

Another tip that will help your nails to become strong and beautiful is to clean the nails with gel. Typically, this procedure is called the Japanese manicure Masura. In the salons of the master make this procedure multistage, the master cleans your nails with gel, they use serum for the cuticle, then the master applies paste to strengthen and grow the nails.


Nail care at home.

Salt baths help very well at home, this procedure should be done in 10-15 minutes. You should know that within two weeks you need to apply nail oil every day, repeat these procedures once in two months. Of course, this largely depends on the lifestyle, on the state of the body. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle always has a beneficial effect on us!


Collagen in your diet.

Diseases, changes in the hormonal structure during pregnancy do not have a positive effect on our nails. Carefully, I do not write here that I do not need self-treatment, but I think that I have good readers, many experts believe that it is very useful to drink vitamins for hair twice a year for nails. Even they offer, if there are problems, start adding collagen, chondroitin, gelatin to your diet.

Many people seek to improve their nails at home and folk remedies. Lemon juice or rubbing with wax does not help, does not even waste time, it's just a waste of time. Correction of nails should be done very carefully, then they will be very difficult to grow.

Paint your nails with iodine

If for some reason your nails are flaky and very thin, you need to cover them with iodine. Honestly, I do not want to strengthen my nails at home, I will trust the professionals.

It is necessary to do 5 procedures, with a repetition every other day. Iodine usually absorbs very quickly, the color of iodine disappears from the nails, so you should not worry that you will have yellow nails. I read that the last procedure is recommended before bedtime.


Nail lamination

This is my favorite procedure. The favorite, because the material that is applied during the lamination of the nails helps a lot in maintaining the structure of the nails. Insoluble coating helps and protects your nails from the chemical effects of the remuver. And also with mechanical removal.

The best part is that lamination can be done at home. You need to buy a lamp for drying nails and varnish for lamination. I will tell you that by making yourself at home, you will be very pleasantly surprised at how long it will last, and help protect your nails from other factors that destroy our nails.


Soft nail files

If you have such a problem as peeling nails, the nails do not grow, so I highly recommend you soft nail files. The biggest problem with nail growth is that it depends on the condition of your body. Or lack of vitamins. If this happens, most likely you do not have enough calcium in the body, zinc, vitamins A, B and C, iron.