8 mistakes when applying makeup lips. 2019

8 mistakes when applying makeup lips. 2019

Our makeup artist explains why not everyone can draw the perfect contour.

Not enough moisturized lips before makeup.

Our independent experts expressed their opinion:

Very often, everyone scolds matte lipstick because it dries her lips. Yes, this is true, but all matte textures dry our skin, including the skin of the lips. If you have problems with dehydration, you should take care to use lip balm or primer.

Make a contour                          

All girls with enlarged lips have one problem, they always highlight the contour very clearly. Without thinking that everything should be in moderation.Your friend is a neutral lipstick without contour. Above the upper lip can be applied or emphasized with a highlighter.

If you have natural lips, but you want to visually enlarge them, then you need to make an outline. We advise you pencils of natural colors. They are very easy to use. Do not absolutely dry lips contain jojoba oil. Contour mapping should not look clear

By the way, for red tones they need a very clear and high-quality contour.

The tone that emphasizes our yellow teeth

Do you know that the tone of lilac lipstick will always emphasize our yellow teeth. This is often forgotten by all. To visually make teeth whiter, you need to give preference to red or black tones.


To achieve a perfect smooth outline, you need to start drawing your upper lip from center to edge. but at the very end you need to bring the contour to the ideal, lipstick.Otherwise you will not get a very good result.

Correct application

The following advice that our experts gave us sounds rather strange. They say that when we start to make bright lip makeup, we need to sit in front of the mirror and rest with elbows on the table. Therefore, they assure that it will be just a unique symmetric shape.

A lot of lipstick

Often we forget what you need, after applying you need to wet your lips with a napkin.If you do not have a napkin, you can simply hold your finger over your lips. Otherwise it is impossible, the lipstick will not stick and imprint on the teeth.

incompatibility of rouge colors with lipstick

Remember one rule of color: cold with cold and warm with warm and nothing else.So you need to act with rouge and lipstick

Eyes and lips

Makeup artists very clearly represent a couple of moments that go well with this makeup.If you like to intensely paint the eyes, then you need to choose the bright colors of lipstick, and if you like abundant lips, then the eyes should be painted moderately.


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