6 simple rules for well-groomed women

6 simple rules for well-groomed women

What just do not come up with a girl in pursuit of impeccable appearance. This path to excellence requires a lot of effort and cost. Those who manage to learn some subtleties in achieving ideals are in no hurry to tell everyone about it.

Some beauty secrets are still little known. And so they want to know even more. In the article we will reveal the 6 main secrets with which you will double your beauty. All the work to create a beautiful appearance you are sure to take in your hands.

Rubbing the face with ice
Many girls use anti-aging creams to slow down the aging process. For the same purpose you can use ice. In the morning, it relieves puffiness after sleep, has a calming effect and reduces inflammation. To improve the therapeutic effect, you can freeze chamomile decoction and wipe your face with a cube of such ice every morning. After a while you will notice a clear result. This procedure also improves the complexion.

NO scrub

Of course, skin scrubbing is extremely beneficial and necessary. But only when there is no inflammation and acne on your skin. Also, if you have acne, it is better not to use a makeup sponge. Exfoliating particles only irritate and so inflamed areas of skin. As a result, her condition becomes worse.

Do not dry your hair with a towel

Most girls, after washing their heads, leave a towel on their hair for a long time, until the hair becomes almost dry. This leads to the fact that they become fragile, break and split. And rubbing with a towel is absolutely contraindicated. You only damage the curls, because in the wet state they are the weakest. Therefore, instead of using hard towels, use a microfiber towel.

Neck care

The neck is as important as the face. The first step is the aging of the neck. The sooner you start caring for it, the longer the skin in this area will be elastic and beautiful. Be sure to clean the skin of the neck with a special tool. Moisturizers are essential products in the care of such a delicate area. Do not allow dehydration.

Sunscreen use

Everyone knows the consequences of the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin. Carefully choose a cream with a minimum of SPF30. Even in cloudy weather, apply it on your skin, and aging will find you much later.

Hand care

Hands, like neck, are the first to betray your age. The skin on them is even thinner than on the face. Because of this, the first thing they do is a lot of fine wrinkles. To prevent this from happening, do all household chores with gloves and avoid dehydration.