5 life hacking How to make Asian makeup

5 life hacking How to make Asian makeup

Many believe that Asian girls are among the most beautiful women on the planet agree that Asian girls look like porcelain dolls. They have a very small face, very velvety and fluffy hair. And the cheekbones, which you very much distinguish, in a word, are just beauty.

They are very good at skin care. They have many stages. Caring for them. Their care consists of several important stages. They know special makeup techniques that help them always look younger than their age. But the most important thing is that they achieve what their face can change.

Today we decided to tell you about 5 life hacks that are used in Asian makeup

How to achieve the perfect tone of the face?

The first, but the most important step in Asian make-up is the alignment and creation of the perfect tone of the face, which means that the face will become as smooth as possible, later we can make the necessary contour.

The first, but the most important step in Asian make-up is the alignment and creation of the perfect tone of the face, which means that the face will become as smooth as possible, later we can make the necessary contour.

To hide the maximum pores, we will need a base or texture that will smooth the skin, take concealer and lighten the skin in the middle of the face, then make the forehead area of the nose and the area under the eye and do not forget about the chin, then, as always, like for any makeup, it should be shaded preferably with a brush or a special sponge.

In addition, to even out what is divided, we need Bb cream, to correct our result, you need loose powder.

Draw eyebrows.

It is no secret that when we meet an Asian girl or woman, we see that they prefer wide, thick and straight eyebrows. They find it very stylish, and that the face is becoming a bit childish.

First we need to draw the maximum straight line, then choose its base with shadows or the so-called specially colored lipstick, and then draw a line from it to our tail, then our eyebrow will be as smooth as possible, even I can advise you to use a regular school line.

After that we just need to fill in the form, paint it in shades and mix the color thoroughly so that the eyebrow looks as natural as possible. To correct our work, you can use eyebrow gel.

How to change the shape of the nose?

These are Asian women of fashion who believe that the beauty of our face lies in miniature features, so they say that we need to minimize the natural data of our face. First of all, we need to reduce the nose, they believe that it should be very thin and straight.

Look at any Asian girl. She always gives her nose a delicate shape. They do it with the help of powder and take on several shades of dark shade. They draw 2 vertical lines on the trunks of the nose, then take a brush and begin to shade, but they must be shaded so that the borders are invisible.

And then they take and excrete the back of the nose. This is done with a light powder marker and base. This is a line that should be light, and if you want to visually reduce your nose, you need to shade until clear boundaries disappear.

  1. time to draw down arrows.

You need to give your eyes an Asian look, that is, so that they look like dolls, plus you need to use lenses. And they place special pillows in the mobile eyelid. It helps to make your eyes more open.

For our makeup, we need light flickering shadows. They are used as the basis for a light glow of the eyelids. Then, to give the skin around the eyes a good healthy shade. To achieve this effect, we need peach shadows with a red undertone, then we will achieve this effect with these shadows. These shadows need to be applied to the folds of the eyelids

It's no secret that in order to achieve expressive eye makeup you just need to add a little shine to the corner of the eye. We need a light shade of shadows. You can even use a marker by simply emphasizing the line of the lower eyelid from the angle to the middle of the eye. And your eyes will visually become much larger.

Asians always draw arrows at the corners of their eyes, and when they descend, it means that they want their eyes to seem naive and a little sad.

We need dry dark shadows; they need to draw an arrow as close as possible to the ciliary edge on the edge, and then point it down, with the result that the eyeliner will not be visible, but at the same time the appearance will be much more expressive

Of course, the last step. In our eyes, these are our Asian eyelashes. They often use false eyelashes, but I think that our girls have very good thick eyelashes. But our girls think it is enough to just make up mascara, then apply powder and immediately make up the second layer of mascara.

paint lips

When it comes to lips, Asian girls prefer a natural shade. It helps them to always look young and fresh.

They prefer flowers of natural color,such as peach strawberries,that is,fruit textures often choose a translucent lip gloss.

make the contour of the lips, then they will look much tastier.