Makeup is a part of our daily life today. Cosmetic producers struggle to offer high quality products, like organic or non-comodogenic, but still there many confusing myths about them in our heads.

Today let’s check the TOP 4 rumors about beauty products and sort out all the things accordingly.

True or false

1. Foundation covers skin with thick mask not allowing skin to breath

This was absolutely true regarding previous generation creams, which was not only super visible on face, but also gave an awful yellowish color. Skin was not naturally breathing, and that’s why some acne might appear. Modern creams, no matter if it is foundation, or concealer or any other beauty product are created specially to protect your skin from damage and from sun light. It is recommended to use more lighter foundations in summer, and those with more dense texture during winter. However, if your skin is irritated, change the product you use, as face skin is very sensitive and one should carefully choose the right product.


                                                                                                            2. Foundation provokes skin aging                                          

That’s false. When the inappropriate skin product is used, it makes not only wrinkles more visible, but all skin imperfections. In addition, if one uses too much of foundation, the skin looks overwhelmed and unnaturally old. In order to use foundation correctly, use the right tone, which reflects your natural color. If you are worried about wrinkles, use nutritious and moisturizing products. In addition to that, the beauty industry has made a big step forward in creating anti-aging products, which are created especially to prevent skin aging. So don’t be afraid of anti-aging cosmetics, it helps your skin to remain naturally young.


                                                                                                           3. Foundation should not be applied on the skin around eyes     

This is almost true. The skin in the eye zone is very delicate and usually it is recommended to use special beauty products for this area. If you have your favorite product and you want to use it in the eye zone, check if it contains alcohol, as it dries up the skin dramatically. If it is alcohol-free product, one can easily apply it for all face.


                                                                                                                  4. Foundation causes acne.   


That’s totally false. Any beauty product can cause acne in case it doesn’t suit your skin type. If your skin is delicate and might be easily irritated, choose oil-free products and hypoallergenic ones. For example, Vichy Cosmetics or Korean Skin Care Products would go perfectly. Also pay attention to your daily ration and habits: reduce fat food and sweets and clean up skin carefully, don’t touch your face during the day.

Summering up

So, here are the most important facts about foundation one should always remember:

  • Use correct foundation tone
  • Apply appropriate product according to weather conditions
  • Follow skin care routine daily
  • Pay attention to skin care habits and daily ration
  • Choose skin products according to exact body zones

And let your skin always be fresh, beautiful, and young! Do not be confused by beauty product myths! However, each myth has some truth as you have seen. So be courageous enough in choosing your next beauty product!